The Oxnard Chamber of Commerce ROC Group

I am really closing down the business.   A few days ago, I attended the last meeting of the ROC (Referrals Oxnard Chamber of Commerce).  It was sad because it’s my last time at this group until I return from my deployment in over a year.  The group has been good, and it’s been a great way to get to know many people in the Oxnard business community.  It’s generated a small amount of business, but the contacts are quite valuable.

The last meeting was very nice.  Koruna of Swara Audio gave me some CD’s and  CD carrying case.  Janet McCarthy gave me a Mary Kay for Men gift bag that I plan to use overseas.  What a great group of people!!

Photo is below.


The Wed. AM ROC Group

The Wed. AM ROC Group


Business Just Keeps Coming In…

Aug. 30, 2008

It’s amazing, but clients keep finding me.  Two potential clients visited me, and my phone still rings off the hook.  I am turning them away, but there are one or two cases that I may want to handle, and I think I can do that while in Iraq even. 

At some point, the world will have to learn that I’m not available to take on new matters.  I’ve sent out announcements to everyone.  Maybe the next step is to take out an ad in the paper.

The Camarillo Solo Practictioner Group

Aug. 21, 2008

We met today at Marie Callender’s for our twice-a-month gathering.  The group was interested in hearing about my plans.  One thing that got discussed was the fact that there is a 1LT JAG officer who is single, has a job (not self-employed like me), and who WANTS to go to Iraq.  The group couldn’t understand why the unit would not fulfill both of our wishes, she could go and I can stay home. 

The explanation is that I have 15 years of experience, and she has less than one.  Oh well, such is the army. 

A lot of folks have been offering to help while I’m gone. That’s nice.