Wrapping things up

Went to court yesterday and today.  It’s a very lucky week for me so far.  I had 4 bankruptcy cases heard yesterday, and as of today, 3 of the 4 are done.  Today, I won a trial.  Two of my eviction cases resulted in kick-outs today also. 

So things are really getting wrapped up!  Just three more lingering hourly civil cases to either pass off or get co-counsel on, and my practice will be mostly ready to go into hibernation.

A funny thing happned today, actually.  I was in the hallway outside Courtroom 22 in Ventura.  Glenn Campbell and Tony Strauss saw me and we chatted for a while.  They were both very encouraging to me, and Glenn even asked if he could do anything to help me out.  I asked him if he’d take a multi-day jury trial for no pay.  He told me that he’s already done plenty of those in his time.

So things are going well.  I am scrambling to shut down the practice and prepare for my deployment to Iraq.