Agenda for Ft. Hunter Liggett

We’ve received weapons training over the past few days.  Basically a day of classes on heavier machine guns, as well as individual rifle and pistol training.  Yesterday was range qualification day.  I hit 25 of 30 targets on the 9mm pistol pop-up range, not as well as I’ve done in the past but a very good score overall.  Tonight we will be doing some night-firing of our weapons.  It should be interesting.

The next few days are weapons.  Then we get into training on IED avoidance (how to avoid roadside bombs).  We will spend a day doing “combatives,” basically they teach you to fight with your hands and feet.  The rest of the training is convoy-related training and lanes.  The idea behind this is to show you what to do if you are in a vehicle convoy and get attacked.  I’ll never be in one, as I’ll be flying in and out of my base.  In fact, only a small part of my unit will ever be allowed “outside the wire” of the base where we are going.

So that is what we are up to.  I’ll try to post some photos soon.