Nature at Hunter Liggett

The training can be tough, and the weather is still very hot in the middle of the day here. 

One nice thing about this place is that it is really very pretty.  Lake Nacimiento is nearby, which is a popular spot (my neighbor in Camarillo drives 150 miles north up here to go to a cabin he owns on that lake).  It’s far away from major roads, although there is an old Spanish mission right on the base territory.  There are rolling hills and trees, with grassy plains:

And there are lots of animals here.  They have several reptiles, and they say there are coyotes, mountain lions, and the like (very rare).  What I’ve seen are the tarantuals and rabbits, and of course several squirrels and bluejays, as well as other birds:


So yes, Fort Hunter Liggett can be a lovely place.