Life at Hunter Liggett

The barracks are large, about 30 guys sleep in each bay.  We have old wall lockers and metal-frame beds with mattresses on which we can put our sleeping bags.  Most everyone has a laptop computer to watch movies or surf the net.  I like to use Skype to video chat with my family in the evening.  Here’s a picture:


Generally some idiot wakes up at 5AM exactly and then turns on all the lights.  Breakfast is at 6AM, and training begins at 7:15 most days.  The past week has been a lot of time at weapons ranges, where they use big cattle cars to transport us.  Here’s what the cattle car experience looks like:


And it gets even better on the inside:

The name “Cattle Car” is appropriate. 

Generally we have evenings free to work on our stuff or play on the computer.  This is my last few days of training here, and I’ll be back in Camarillo for most of next week before we fly out to Fort Bliss, Texas.