First couple of days at Hunter Liggett

Yesterday we sat in briefings most of the day.  The big thing  was NBC training (chemical warfare).  We learned about how to put on the protective gear, which I’d already learned a long time ago. 

Today is RFI day, where they issue most of the equipment you bring with you overseas.  They gave me a new helmet, new cold weather gear (?), new backpack, kneepads, gloves, water drinking system, etc.  It’s a lot of stuff.  This afternoon we get body armor.  So it’s a full combat issue of equipment.  

Funny thing, I’ve heard today it’s been months since there was even a rocket attack on Balad.


Off to Ft. Hunter-Liggett

I am taking off today for training for the next 2 1/2 weeks.  It’s at Fort Hunter Liggett, which is near Jolon, CA (halfway between LA & San Francisco).  Most of the unit will be there.  Will post more when I arrive.

Update:  I arrived at FHL at about 4PM today (4 hour drive up from Camarillo, just past Paso Robles).

Here is a photo of the welcome sign. 

Hunter Liggett Welcome Sign

Hunter Liggett Welcome Sign


A couple years ago, the Army changed from the old woodland camoflage uniform to the “Army Combat Uniform” or ACU.   It’s the digital camoflage, and up close it’s a set of grey squares.  Studies showed that the ACU was as good as the old uniform in concealing the soldier.

There are several other advantages.   The new uniform is much more comfortable.  It also has spots for velcro nametapes and unit patches, which makes it easier to set up.  It can be washed at home easily, so no need to send it to the cleaners to be starched like the old BDU’s (battle dress uniform, the green woodland cammo).   The new uniform is also much easier to use with body armor and current combat equipment.

So this is what the ACU looks like, and a photo of me is below for your reference.  This was at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin early 2008, when we went to shoot weapons for qualification.

Brian in Army ACU's

Brian in Army ACU

Wrapping things up

Went to court yesterday and today.  It’s a very lucky week for me so far.  I had 4 bankruptcy cases heard yesterday, and as of today, 3 of the 4 are done.  Today, I won a trial.  Two of my eviction cases resulted in kick-outs today also. 

So things are really getting wrapped up!  Just three more lingering hourly civil cases to either pass off or get co-counsel on, and my practice will be mostly ready to go into hibernation.

A funny thing happned today, actually.  I was in the hallway outside Courtroom 22 in Ventura.  Glenn Campbell and Tony Strauss saw me and we chatted for a while.  They were both very encouraging to me, and Glenn even asked if he could do anything to help me out.  I asked him if he’d take a multi-day jury trial for no pay.  He told me that he’s already done plenty of those in his time.

So things are going well.  I am scrambling to shut down the practice and prepare for my deployment to Iraq.

My last VCAABA Meeting

Today was the last meeting of the Ventura County Asian American Bar Association.  I’m president, and we turned things over to Leeton Lee.  It was a great meeting, and very well attended. 

Leeton’s main task is to finish the tennis tournament.  I regret not being able to do that, or to start my Asian language attorney directory.   Overall, it was a good year as president of VCAABA.

Here is a photo from the installation dinner back in April.  For more info, visit