At Fort Bliss

We had a nice going away ceremony last weekend.   It was at the Riverside Marriott and held at the Riverside Convention Center right next to it.

Here is a picture of my wife and children (Judy & Rebecca) at the farewell party at the Riverside CC:

Our unit flew from March AFB at Riverside to Fort Bliss on Sunday, Oct. 5.

Photo of the flight out of March AFB:

We’ve been staying not at Ft. Bliss, but at McGregor Range, about 40 miles north of Bliss.  The range is operated by Bliss, but it is in New Mexico, close to the White Sands missile range, which is basically in the middle of nowhere.  We are not even really at McGregor range, but at a place called “Westbrook” which is another 3 miles further out into nowhere. 

We all live in big tents, about 16 guys to a tent.  We eat in a giant tent, and the showers and bathrooms are blue metal containers about 50 yards away from our tents.  I feel lucky, because we at least have electricity, a concrete floor, and cell phone reception (but not internet).  It’s spartan living.

Here’s what it looks like:

Anyway, they are getting us ready to fly out to Kuwait in mid-November.  We are doing some training, but mostly just readiness stuff so far:  checking medical status and finance records, issuing equipment, etc.  It’s dull stuff.  

One interesting thing that happened was that I met Joe Biden’s son (i.e. the son of the Dem. VP candidate).  He and his unit are going to Iraq also, to the Victory Base at Baghdad.  He was a very friendly guy, and I enjoyed meeting him.

Here is Captain Biden:

Something I’ve noticed is that soldiers have an insatiable desire to go shopping.  We have been living in the desert since Sunday, and the first thing that people want to do when they get back into the main Fort Bliss post is to go shopping at the Post Exchange.  I haven’t bought anything for myself, but I’m tempted to go, and have to admit it would be a nice change of pace to spend some time shopping instead of sitting in my tent.


3 Responses

  1. What company had the best cell reception down there?


  2. I am enjoying your Blog. My son in law David Farr just deployed to Bliss & referred me to your Blog. David is Jag Lt. Col. so we can better understand what he is doing. He has begun a blog to keep in touch with the legal community here in Houston
    Thanks for all you people do for all of us

  3. Hi
    My son is supposed to to be stationed at Fort Bliss after his basic training in Fort Knox. Are you a member of the Cavalry Scouts? That is what he’s training for.

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