Hooray for Bankruptcy Pro!

I use the Bankruptcy Pro software (produced by Legal Pro, www.legal-pro.com) for all of my BK cases.  Turns out that October is the month where I have to pay the annual $150 license fee to keep on using the software.  This was a bit unexpected, as I don’t expect to use the software that much while I’m over in Iraq.  The other day, I was sitting at the exercise, and got a call from Roy telling me that they were waiving the fee and appreciated my service!  Wow, that saves $150 right there! 

My thanks to Legal Pro for making very nice legal software, and for their support of the troops!

The exercise is going just fine, very little legal play, however, which makes for a very slow day.  If you can imagine over 100 people crammed into a smallish WWII style building in the middle of Fort Hood, that’s pretty much what the exercise is.


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