Nature at Fort Bliss

I didn’t have a chance to post these, but here are my pictures from Fort Bliss, Texas, where we spent the early part of Oct. 2008.

Upon arriving at our tent at Westbrook (out by McGregor, in the very middle of nowhere), we were greeted by the following little guy:

We escorted him out of our tent, and let him go on his merry way.  It was the only scorpion I saw.  There were tons of beetles and other insects, however, like this guy:

Behind my tent, there was a one-earred baby bunny.  I saw him several times, like when I’d be on my way to go to the shower facility about 50 yards away from my tent.  The rabbit lived under our air conditioning unit behind our tent.   I’d often bring him carrots from the dining tent.  He’d run away fairly fast, but here is a photo of one of his friends.

Fort Bliss itself is surrounded by high mountains, here is a picture of the old part of the post with its parade ground, and the El Paso area mountains in the background:

Finally, on my last full day at Westbrook, I walked all the way back from McGregor to Westbrook with WO1 Morphis and CPT Allen.    Luckily, it was a cool, cloudy day.  I was wearing the wrong boots for this 5-mile hike, and almost got blisters.  Here is a picture at about the half-way point.


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