The Longest Day

We are in Kuwait now, at Camp Buehring.   The trip here started at about very early the morning last week.  Everyone had to wake up at 1:30 am to get on a 2:30am bus ride from McGregor to Fort Bliss.  Of course, there were idiots who woke up at midnight and turned on all the lights, insuring that we’d get minimal sleep.  Fort Bliss adjoins the airport, and they put us all in a cold, drafty hangar-style building where they fed us breakfast at 4AM.  All of us had our personal weapons, which we carried the whole time while on the airplane.

At about 5:30, they put us on an airplane and we flew to Bangor, Maine.  We arrived there around 10AM, and a great group of people greeted us.  There were about 12 greeters, most of whom were senior citizens, and they shook all of our hands and gave us goodies to eat, and cell phones to make calls back home.  It was rainy and cold in Maine, of course, but we had a chance to make our last calls while in the US, use the internet, and relax. 

The next leg of the trip was from Maine to Shannon, Ireland.  We arrived around 1AM Irish time.  The airport lounge had free internet too, which was nice.  The bar and gift shop had overpriced wares.  It was amazing to see people getting off of the plane, where there was free food and drink, and throwing their money away on overpriced Irish coffee and snacks at the waiting lounge.

Last leg of the trip was from Ireland to Kuwait City.  I slept the whole way.  We arrived in the mid-afternoon.  Buses took us from the airport to Camp Buehring, which is about 2 hours away in the NW part of the country, really in the middle of the BFE desert.   We are all sitting on this desolate base out in nowhere land.  More on that later when I have some pictures to share.

All together, it was a very long day and night of travel, with little sleep and terrible airline food.  I think we were in transit for about 30 hours.  It’s actually a relief to be here in Kuwait after this terribly long set of flights.


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  1. Buehring made us desire going into Iraq like nothing else. 11 days we spent there, and by the time that was up, we couldn’t WAIT to get into Iraq. And Iraq was MUCH nicer than where they stick us in Kuwait. Kuwait City is supposed to be great, and it looks nice from the air, but all this poor guy is seeing now is sand and tents, and lots of incredibly bored people. Good luck, friend. The next stop will allow you to unpack, relax, and begin that short-timer calendar towards R&R, and the other one towards redeployment.

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