At Camp Buehring, Kuwait


I am currently at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.  We are in the northwest corner of the country.   Kuwait is a small country, maybe 75 miles across and 100 miles from north to south, with almost everyone living in Kuwait City, which is right on the coast.  If you were to leave KC, and drive 40 miles northwest into the middle of the barren desert, you’d be at Buehring.



We arrived at the Kuwait City Airport (KCI) last week, and were taken onto buses. 




We were greeted by a few folks (LTC McDonnell and SGM Hardwick of the 420th, one of our units in Van Nuys) who came up from Camp Arifjan, the big US base in Kuwait.  All of us had our weapons with us during and after the flight.  After making us wait around for an hour for no reason, the bus took us straight up to Camp Buehring.  The weather in November is very pleasant, high of about 75 or 80 during the day, and a somewhat chilly 50 degrees at night.  In the summer it is insanely hot  The wind can make it cooler.  There is no water, and every drop of it is trucked into the base.   Nothing grows here.  Not even weeds.   It is pure, sandy desert out here.


They put the base here to be away from normal Kuwaiti life, of course.  All electricity is generated here, and the first thing I noticed upon arrival was the constant hum of the generators.  The larger generators roar.  One is about 50 meters from my tent, and at night I can feel the generator’s vibrations as I’m sleeping.  This is actually a benefit, as the hum drowns out most of the snoring of my tentmates.  One thing that is always noticeable is the smell of the burning fuel from these generators, and the constant dust getting blown about, especially when vehicles pass by on the sandy roads.  The tent holds about 14 guys, and is very crowded.  Worse, we have cots instead of mattresses, and it is uncomfortable and difficult to get a good night’s sleep.  Here are pictures of the tent:





There are several thousand British and American troops here, as well as the occasional Korean troops, or even sometimes Kuwaiti troops.  They all live, shower, and eat, with all supplies trucked in through the super-secure perimeter of the base.  There are also hundreds of TCN’s (third country nationals) who come here to do everything from serving food at the dining facilities, manning the gym, fixing trucks, staff the food court, cleaning the porta-potties, and everything in between.  Most TCN’s are from India or the Philippines, and many speak very good English.  I’ve not seen a single Kuwaiti here to work.  The TCN’s are hard working, friendly folks who come here for years at a time to earn money.  The British troops are very friendly, and I often talk with them, and see them socializing with American troops.  Here is a good photo of the large DFAC, note the British troops in their tan, striped uniforms:




Camp Buehring is the central place where all troops come before deployment to Iraq.  We get a few last items of training here, such as classes on how to avoid bombs or IED’s, and the like.  Mostly it’s a place to get used to the desert environment and allow your body clock to adjust to the time change before you head into Iraq.   We don’t train for long here, and have quite a bit of free time to relax by watching movies, phoning home, shopping, or reading. 


Here is a map (not to scale) of Camp Buehring.  Camp Buehring Map


More later, I have to run now. 


Here is a picture of the sunset in the desert:



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  1. Thank you for the information….my son is at Camp Buehring now, and very tight-lipped. So this relieves my anxiety. God bless and keep you! Dec 19, 2008

  2. This is great,,,,my son also just arrived there. Nice to hear and see some pics of where you all spend your time. Godspeed to you and yours and keep us posted…mom in tennessee

  3. We have students from Kuwait at our school. Their father works at the embassy. I went to a reception they had: The 18th anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait. The father is very traditional barely acknoledged our existance but the mother is so nice. Your blog is REALLY interesting. I’ve got it on an RSs feed now so I’ll keep track of all your new posts.

  4. Hi Mr.Brian.. I’m Kuwaiti and I heard that rapper Young Joc is coming today to Kuwait! is there any chances to see him! or visit the camp? “or Im gonna get shoot there lol”

  5. mr. brian, will some of the teams stay at camp beuhring during their deployment? my husban will be on his way over there shortly. he said that’s where he would be stationed at. just everything i read about this camp tells me that it’s a holding facility.

  6. thanks for sharing the sights and smells at this son is now there ,on his way to iraq,we have heard very little from him and only have seen a few pictures..i’m sure more is coming,he just arrived 5 days ago.

  7. thank you so much for sharing this. My brother just arrived there and it is nice to have visual of where he is. God Bless!

    • Jennifer- my son just arrived there October 9th for a temporary layover. Wish all the best of luck and speedy return

  8. Best of luck to you too! His time there was temporary too. These next 10 months can’t go by quick enough. 🙂

  9. my daughter just got to camp Buehring. Does anyone spend their whole time at that camp or do they move them out soon after. My daughter is a blackhawk pilot so I’m wondering where she will go from there.

    • 98% of folks move on from Buehring to somewhere else. There is a permanent party at Buehring, however. They train folks who are moving on to IRaq.

    • my husband also just got there, he works on the blackhawks and is from kansas. i’m guessing they’re probably there together. from what i understand, they’re only staying for a couple of weeks, then moving on to Iraq.

  10. My boyfriend is there as a contractor/trainer. This gives me great insight as to what his living conditions are like. Although, he is back and forth between Kuwait and the danger zones, this does ease my mind a bit. Thank you, and God Bless.

  11. My husband will be there next tuesday til next yr sometime,and it’s his 1st deployment. So now I can get an idea about things over there! We just got married in Aug and he has been gone since sep training before he arrives over there.

    • angela our prayers are with you and your family. my son too has just been deployed to iraq via kuwait. the time frames are so close is your husband from idaho natl guard? they have been trainned very well and my son tells me that it feels like a trainning excercise. just to let you know how effective the trainning was. unfortunately this is the real deal.

  12. My husband just arrived at Camp Buehring last week. It’s going to be a rough year. Praying for a safe return for him and all his men.

  13. […] The busiest day of the year was January 1st with 602 views. The most popular post that day was At Camp Buehring, Kuwait. […]

  14. My brother Just landed at camp buehring Saturday. This is a very stressful time for my family, as we miss him dearly. But it’s good to know he is in great hands.. God bless all of the Men and Women serving our country. It takes great courage and Strength to do what You all do! God bless!

  15. Bam Bam Fan,

    My son is with the Idaho National Guard. He was deployed out of Blackfoot in September. Any connection?

  16. It is nice to have some information as to where my son is. I will admit that I have been very emotional since he left us and part of my anxiety is worry over what conditions he is living under. It relieves me to finally see some pictures and have a little more information than what he’s given me.

  17. A great thanks goes out to all of you. Thank you for your courage and commitment and God be with all of you throughout your deployment. Thinking of all of you every day. A special shout out to Christopher Thomas Connell, stationed there, Happy Birthday buddy, sending nothing but love your way…Mom

  18. Thanks for the pics. My son just got there today and we were excited to see where he is. God bless you!

  19. My medic daughter is currently stationed at Camp Buehring. It was nice to be able to see where she spends her time when not ‘visiting’ neighborhoods to the North. Thanks for the map – even if it’s a couple years old – it gets the job done.

  20. Does anyone know what the address is to send mail/packages?

  21. I spent 9 months stationed at Camp Buehring from May 2008 to Feb 2009. It is not a bad place to be considering the other options out there. It is a very, very large base with many options if you know where to start looking. If you are “permanent party” to the camp you can barrow DVD’s, CD’s and video games from the MRW building near the AT&T phone center across from the main PX for free. You just need a letter from your CO to do this. If you are just moving through, sorry that option is not available to you. The USO at Camp Buehring is one of the largest Southwest Asia. If you are passing through it is a great place to hang out, watch a movie in the theater, use the phones for FREE, check email and play a video game. They have a game center that has multiple X-Box, PS3 and Wii consoles. If you are being stationed there please considering volunteering some of your free time to help them out. For me it was how I stayed sane. The MWR has a great gym behind the main defac that is would rival any stateside gym. They offer classes and it is a great way to work out some of the stress. The MWR did offer weekly run/walks, a movie theater and other options to keep you busy, use them. Lastly there are a number of colleges and universities that offer classes on site and online. It is a great way to get ahead while being away from home. A deployment is what you make of it. I made some great friends that I still keep in contact, even after three years almost 4. You can sit in your room and play video games, watch stuff on your TV or get out and do something for yourself and others. I would encourage you to get out and do something, it makes the time go by a lot faster.

    • All very true. If I spent an entire year there, I suppose I’d get into the same attitude as you. It’s a harsh place, and the desert moonscape and intense sun make a strong impression on people going into the middle east for the first time.

  22. my son is presently at camp buehring, his name is Sgt. Brian Niehm, be there until next june or july 2014, stationed at Ft. Carson, Co., been in army about 13 yrs.

  23. Our son is currently at Camp Buehring, PFC Trevor Mueller, also from Ft. Carson. He’s only been in 1 1/2 years.

  24. I was stationed there when it was still tent city with a few trailers for permanent staff. I worked at the TMC IN 2005. Is it still standing? I help build the TMC up from rags to almost riches. We were there when Baskin Robbins first opened .

  25. I was in the Navy at the TMC. We ran ALL medical facilities while we were there in 2005

  26. Thank you for the info. My son will be arriving there soon . Now I know why he is going there , since he doesn’t talk about what the army is doing . May god bless you all and God Bless the USA

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