Home Sweet Home

Here is the place where I live. 



Note the 12-foot high concrete barriers.  These barriers surround pretty
much every building on post where people spend any amount of time.  And
as shown in my last post, they have mortar shields built over the top of
any structure where crowds of people might gather, such as the theater,
the chapel, the dining facility, the post exchange (shopping area), the
gym, and so on.  A few key places have armed Ugandan guards out in front
at all times, such as the theater/gym area, the PX, and all dining
facilities.  Everyone must show US Government ID to enter these special
buildings, and nobody is allowed to enter if he has a bag, this is to
prevent someone from coming in with a bomb.

But anyway, back to where I live, which is surrounded by the concrete
barriers.  It’s just a bed, dresser and desk.  Seen below:

I just bought a small TV and fridge.  The truth is that I spend very
little time in my room, except when I’m sleeping.  There is little to do
here, and it is much preferable to go out to the gym to workout, or to
the recreation center, or to watch a movie, or read a book, or anything
other than sitting in my room.

You’ll note that there is no running water in my room.  For bathroom
purposes, I have to go out to either the toilet trailer, or the shower
trailer, which is here:


It can be very crowded early in the morning, so I prefer to shower in
the evening.

It gets very cold at night.  The AC unit also works as heater, but I
hate having it on all night, so usually it gets turned off right when I
go to sleep.

The room is reasonably comfortable.  The only problem is the constant
roar of fighter jets, transport planes, and helicopters, but after a
week, I have gotten used to this.  It doesn’t wake me up any more.
There are exceptions:  today a helicopter flew right over my head at
5:45, which did wake me up.  The bed is fine, and I’ve slept well every

I’m in the best housing area on post.  It’s known as the H-6 area, and
it’s surrounded by a fence.  In the middle of the area is a gym, a rec
center, a small shopping area with a library, rec center.  There’s a
chapel.  It’s really a nice, gated community.  Most of those who live
here are Air Force personnel, and I’ve heard that the AF is trying to
kick all Army folks out of this area, which will annoy me to no end if
it happens.  The Air Force people get the best of everything, nicer
living area, 6-month tours (much shorter than Army tours), etc.

Here is a picture of the whole H-6 housing area, note the numerous
concrete barriers, and airfield in the distance:


MAJ Brian Nomi
Chief, Legal Assistance
Consolidated Legal Center
Joint Base Balad
DSN 318.433.2836


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  1. iraq is very nice country and……
    good luck US army

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