No, I did Not see President Bush Yesterday

He was in Baghdad, Iraq, yesterday.  He flew in, had his meeting and press conference, and then flew out.  He did not come to Balad Air Base, to the best of my knowledge.

But on Saturday, we had other visitors.  General Odierno, the overall commander of Iraq, had lunch with Secretary of Defense Gates at the Oasis Dining Facility.  That is where I usually have lunch too.  They have a room there called the “Healthy Bar,” which is a place to get healthy, low-fat food in a quieter room, off from the main dining hall which has hundreds of people at any given time.  Anyway, Secretary Gates and General Odierno had lunch in the Healthy Bar, and they closed off the room to anyone else, including me.  I was a bit irritated at that.  There was a large group of people following these two high level officials around.  I spoke with some DOD civilians wearing suits (anyone wearing suits is a strange sight on this base).  So I ate lunch elsewhere, and never got a glimpse of the high profile visitors to my normal lunch spot.

I had a nice lunch at the Healthy Bar today, but it was marred by a later visit to the Ice Cream Bar.


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  1. It should be more notable that THEY missed out on seeing you…

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