Watching the Inauguration

 One thing about being here is that there are almost never holidays. I was lucky just to get Christmas day off. Many people here never get a day off. New Years day and Martin Luther King day were both NOT holidays, and I had to work my usual shift.   Inauguration day was no holiday, as it was for the millions of people who took time off to go watch in DC.


At 8PM my time, I found myself waiting for the shift change brief. Someone put up the TV feed on one of the large monitors, and a bunch of 3rd ESC soldiers and I watched the inauguration of Barrack Obama.


It was a nice event, and people were all happy and optimistic. We enjoyed watching the inauguration. I can’t say I thought much of that benediction, with the strange racial rhymes (Brown can stick around, yellow can be mellow?). The speech was OK, I thought Barrack gave the normal platitudes, and actually his speech could have been given by either a republican or democrat.


One thing I want to say about the administration of the 35-word oath. People stumble during these all the time. In the military, people have to recite these oaths, and we have much worse mix-ups than what happened with Chief Justice Roberts and Obama. If you ever find yourself administering an oath, remember to give it in short phrases, 5-6 words at a time at most. If you try to do more, it will get confused and cause embarrassment. Neither guy is to blame, this is just a normal thing that happens!


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