Going on Leave Soon

My leave starts very soon.  I will be in Camarillo for 15 days starting sometime next week.

Life as usual goes on here on JBB.  Work is busy, and there is always something interesting to do.  Last night, for example, I saw the movie “Terminator, Salvation” which is a first-run movie that played to a completely packed theater.

There was a rocket attack last week.  These happen once in a while.  I’ve never gotten too close to one.  A couple of months ago, I was riding my bike and heard an explosion.  About a half mile away I could see the smoke rising up from a mortar/rocket attack.  That’s the most excitement I’ve had the whole time I’ve been here in Iraq.  Oh, just one time, I saw the CRAM system fire its orange bullets into the sky.  

Like I keep saying, it’s really not so bad here in Iraq.


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