My Birthday

My birthday is Aug. 9, and it was nothing special.  Aug. 9 is a Sunday, so it’s my day off.  I did the normal things that I do, namely call my family, do some exercise, read or watch movies in my room in the afternoon, then go to church.  I also made a trip to the pool near sunset, which was a great idea because I avoided the blazing sunshine of the day.   Yesterday evening, they had the Spin Doctors playing a concert at the theater, so I went to that.  You might remember them as the one-hit-wonder from the 90’s with that song “Little Miss, little miss, little miss Can’t Be Wrong.”  It was a pretty good show, although it was sparsely attended for some reason.  Some concerts pack the theater, this one had a small but enthusiastic crowd.  The band played its blues rock for about an hour and a half, and we appreciated the efforts of the group.

Here’s the flyer from the concert:  Spin Doctors Flyer

Only one person here remembered my birthday, Chief Lightfoot the legal administrator at my office.  That was fine.  I don’t have any close friends here any more, now that my friend CPT Bird is gone.  With only 40 days left in Iraq, I’m not inclined to start making new friends.

The bad news is that my daughter Judy had stomach flu.  We had to take her to St. John’s PV hospital in Camarillo, where she was then transferred by ambulance to St. John’s Oxnard, and had to spend the night.  Judy did not like this experience at all, and I was distressed to hear her crying when I phoned in the evening.  Judy got better and was released to go back home later the next day.  The next day,  I spoke with Judy and she sang “Happy Birthday” for me on the phone, which I greatly enjoyed!

Anyway, it’s now mid-August in Iraq.  It’s not that bad.  It does get hot during the day, up to 115 normally during the day, and the constant dust is irritating.  But the rumors of Iraqi summer are not true.  People said that you’d take a shower at night, and immediately be covered with sweat afterwards (not true, night is fairly pleasant and cool, actually), and things like when you pour out a bottle of water, it evaporates before it hits the ground (an obvious exaggeration, but almost true, water evaporates very quickly here, and five minutes after pouring out water it’s mostly gone).  The food is good, and I spend most of my time in one air conditioned environment or another.  I feel sorry for the poor guys who have to work outside, or go on patrols outside the base. 

Anyway, that was my birthday in Iraq.


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Major. I am SFC Ray Calef, and will be coming to Balad sometime next summer. I have even started a blog patterned after yours to keep folks back home up to date. Appreciate your efforts with this site and all of the “inside” goings on. Seems as if I will know the place like the back of my hand once we hit boots on the ground…Stay well, sir…

  2. HAppy B-lated bday Brian!

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