Nature Part II

This is a short post, but I wanted to display two other photos I took recently. First are my friends the birds. These guys wait for me every morning, and they always ask for a handout.  Luckily, someone else has started putting out rice for them to eat over in the H-6 housing area.  Here is a good photo I took of some of my avian neighbors:

 Birds on Wire

Every evening, the birds settle down to sleep in the trees.  They especially like the palm trees here.  But before they go to bed, they always throw a huge party.  The taller trees host dozens, perhaps hundreds of birds who chirp like crazy and chase each other around with gusto from about 6PM to 7PM.  It’s amazing to hear these gatherings of birds from a hundred yards away in all the tall trees.   Here is a video I took of a bird party in a palm tree at 6:30PM, right outside of DFAC #3:


The next is one of the lizards that lives right outside my office. They have hardly any color, and look almost translucent. These clear lizards only come out at night. Some are tiny, not much bigger than an inch, and they scurry around in the night. One actually found his way into my office yesterday morning.  I was able to get close to this guy, and take a photo. He’s a larger clear lizard, at about 6 inches in length:

 Clear Lizard

If you remember the other lizard from my early post about nature, he looked a lot darker, and seemed to have more personality. He lives right underneath my old CHU. I started seeing him almost every day, actually. I even gave him a name, “Sal” because I thought that was a good name for a lizard (get it?). I think these lizards eat ants and other small bugs. Sal Lizard must have had a feast, because there were quite a few black ants living under my CHU as I found out one day when I dropped some sweet bread by my doorway.

 One thing I don’t like here at JBB are the Sand Flies.  These are about 1/3 the size of a mosquito, and I’ve never actually seen one.  But I’ve certainly felt them.  Right now I have 15-20 bites all over my arms and legs.  I’ve started spraying pesticide in the new trailer where I live behind my office, but that seems to have little effect.  The sand flies are persistent, and they leave itchy bites which are quite troublesome.   They must find me to be delicious.  At any rate, today I’m going to try to find some better ways to ward them off.

It’s rare to see larger animals than what I’ve shown above.  I’ve heard wild dogs and cats get on base sometimes, but never seen one.  I saw a jack rabbit the other day, running across the H-6 housing area. He was too fast, though, and I couldn’t get take a photo quickly enough…..


5 Responses

  1. There is at least 1 cat that hangs out in the H4 area. I’ve seen the bunny.

    The sand flies is why they want us to pre-treat our uniforms and issued us 4 tubes of DEET.

    And because of Iraqi sand flies I am banned from giving blood at the Red Cross for 1 year.

    Good catch on the lizard picture. One of those got inside our CHU (I saw him on my roommate’s pillow one afternoon – never told her, hope he scared her one night).

  2. The best preventative for the sand flies is Avon’s product “Skin so Soft” bath oil rubbed into your skin. It’s amazing!

  3. I too was going to tell you Avon’s “Skin so Soft” bath oil put into your skin after you take a shower…my family has been using it for 30 years when we go down south.

  4. Hello I just found a lizard like that and i was wondering if anyone knows what its called or if its poisonous? thanks

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